dos2win.perl convert dos cyrillic to cp1251 and cp1251 to latin
egn.perl checks if EGN(SSN in Bulgaria) is correct [by PJ]
find_newest.perl finds newest file in dir (IIRC)
iisxpl.perl old IIS xploit or something
ikonboard.perl old ikonboard xploit or something
look_smart.perl your pc can always look smart with this proggie ;]
mp3rename.perl script to remove unwanted chars in the mp3 filenames (IIRC)
nick_keepalive.perl this one should log to UniBG (IRC) and authorize you so the services will never expire your nick
on_file_change.perl execute something when the file change ocures. im using similar script to watch mysql table for new records.
ping.perl ping some ips and send email(sms/pager) if some host is down
rmoldfiles.perl removes old files from dir. you can specify the period.
rss4admins.perl makes rss feed channel from your log files (or any other files). you can filter the lines too.