beep.tar.bz2 beeps your speaker via kernel ioctl or console
beep_old.c beeps your speaker via tty/console dev
bin2hex.c guess what
mtr-0.42af.patch old patch implementing ip/hostname switching in mtr
pwldump.c old pwl file dumper ported from dos. should be still working, but who uses win98 with pwl files.
tetrinetx-1.13.16+ qirc-1.40c- gentoo-af.tar.bz2 patched version of tetrix server (adds /go,/ungo,/forcego,/ready) commands
urlparser.c very old program for parsing urls from .html files
x25scan.c x25 nua scanner. uses x25pad.autonet.net which dosnt exists anymore
gtetrinet-0.7.11-shadow.patch patch for gtetrinet client to make shadows of the blocks (sort of cheat... but when someone plays with the console client with shadows and slide ... ;) [take a look in the "other" section for a nice gtetrinet theme]