05/Jul/2010 16:15  -  Tips/Tricks
Convert ID3 Tags from cp1251 to utf-8

Since ID3 v2.4 one can put tags in UTF-8.
I have alot of mp3s with cp1251 tags (which is not correct).
Any versions of ID3 Tags prior v2.4 should be only in latin encoding.
As you can guess many people writing in cyrillic alphabet did not obey that rule and there are alot of mp3s with cp1251 id3 tags.
Unfortunately Amarok will not show correctly the tags unless they are in ID3 v2.4 and UTF-8/16 encoding.
So here is how to convert your mp3s to ID3 v2.4 with UTF-8.
First install the package "python-mutagen" or "mutagen" then use:

mid3iconv -e cp1251 *.mp3

-- 0xAF