18/Jul/2008 11:28  -  Around Me
nice chill

a very nice chill Link: www.last.fm/music/Anterro... i'm listening to this artist while i'm working ... i find it very relaxing...

-- 0xAF

21/Mar/2008 12:44  -  Around Me
Microcontrolers (PIC) Programming

so... it seems i'm obsessed by microcontrollers. my first project took me about 3-4 days of understanding and programming the pic16f84a. it is a binary (bcd) clock with setup modes and alarm function. my college ivo_maistora helped me with the circuit and made it battery backuped. expect it soon in the "work" section.

-- 0xAF

10/May/2007 15:00  -  Around Me
New section 'Thoughts' launched on the site

This section should be something like a blog, but dont expect to fill it frequently.

-- 0xAF