This page is outdated, quite old content. Last update is around year 2002-2003. I promise to change my so called home page in the near future. I have many new stories to tell, many projects I've been participating, many ideas for my home page.

About Me

Born in 1980, I just live a normal peaceful life in Varna, Bulgaria. I am a software developer, system administrator and linux user since '96. If you are interested in my skills - take a look at my resume: HTML / PDF (and NO! You are not going to get a MS DOC version of my resume.)

My Religion

It's the open source. My OS - Linux gives me and you the freedom to choose. I was Slackware user for about 8 years. Then in 2004 I installed Gentoo (If it moves, compile it!). I spent some time with it and at some point in 2009 I switched for a short period to Arch Linux, which was nice. I'm back to gentoo now, or more precisely Sabayon Linux.

In short: After the DOS era, I did not converted to Micro$oft's idea of operating system, instead, I've become enlightened by the freedom!

In the end of the day, I'm using free, fully working, totally superior software, than most Windows users. And the big deal is that I'm not a pirate! I sleep a peaceful night.

My Code

Unfortunately my daily job is writing a proprietary code. But in my free time, I enjoy writing free and open source.

Some of the significant projects, I've participated lately are 400Plus and Magic Lantern. Both related to Canon DSLR Camera's (ARM based) hacking, reverse engineering, disassembling and similar cool stuff.

My Hobby

Photography, or at least it started like that. Then it turned to camera hacking. My wife is making way better photos than me, though. If you are interested in some photos taken by me, have a look.